Employee turnover in the construction industry can be highly problematic for some construction companies. When permanent staff or skilled workers are unavailable, it can hinder projects and potentially disrupt the growth potential of your company.

According to the US Chamber of Commerce report, there is a significant skills shortage in the US construction industry. 88% of contractors say they struggle to find workers with the relevant competencies to fill job openings.

Hiring temp workers can help contractors to scale their workforce and resolve skill shortages. Temporary staffing options are a fast and flexible means for you to complete projects on time without compromising quality or cost.

Staffing agencies that specialize in construction recruitment are in a strong position to respond to the staffing needs of contractors. We have a large pool of workers that can support your firm on either a short-term or long-term basis.

Saves Time and Resources

Recruiting the right workers to perform specific roles can be time-consuming and costly for contractors. It’s estimated that the average time it takes to recruit workers in the construction industry is 12.7 weeks. This can double if you need a specialist.

A construction industry staffing specialist can provide you with instant access to a nationwide pool of skilled workers. Whether you need staff immediately to finish a project or are looking to hire someone long-term and want to test to find the best, a staffing agency saves you time and resources.

Temp Workers Fulfill immediate Needs

Due to the labor shortage and seasonal changes in the construction industry, it is impractical for contractors to employ an entire workforce on a full-time basis. Hiring temp workers gives you fast access to the talent you need on-demand.

Working with a staffing agency that specializes in recruitment for the construction industry also means you will be able to immediately fill vacancies as they arise. For example, a member of your staff may become unavailable due to illness or leaves suddenly to deal with personal issues.

No Training Required

The lack of skilled workers in the construction industry is a growing concern for contractors. This issue is exacerbated if you are struggling to meet a deadline and can’t find a specialist with the competencies you need to fulfill a role.

Training other team members is time-consuming and costly. In many cases, it is unlikely they will be capable of delivering quality results in a short space of time. Dipping into an on-demand pool of skilled workers on a temporary contract, on the other hand, resolves the issue without any additional cost.

Cruitfly Reduces The Risk of Bad Hires

The hiring process for full-time employees or temp workers can be a long and tiring process – which you may not have time for. When you’re under pressure to fill a job role, you increase the risk of hiring an employee that doesn’t meet your requirements.

The Construction Executive reports that the cost of a bad hire can be as much as 30% of the employee’s annual salary. But the true costs run much deeper than money. There are potential injuries, accidents, and disruptions to your team.

Cruitfly is a specialist construction staffing agency that can help you identify skilled workers that are a good fit for your company. Whether you need temp workers for short-term contracts or want to trial temp workers with a view to offering a full-time position, Cruitfly has the tools and the experience to help you build a workforce you can rely on.